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I made a new blog since I forgot how to get into my old one.  :p

There’s nothing really interesting to say, so here are today’s random thoughts.

– The rain needs to stop.  I can hardly wait until sunshine comes back in 2 days.  Days of non-stop cloudiness put me in a bad mood.
– I’m tired of people soliciting where I work.  All.  The.  Time.  I’m making a sign for the door as soon as I finish this post.   I do not want your travel/car/life insurance that “competes” with AAA even though I’ve never heard of you.   I will go buy brownie mix at the store for $1 rather than buy your shrink-wrapped melted ones.  I don’t want to buy your fundraiser tickets.
– I have been drinking regular Coke this week to lift my mood and it’s been my best idea ever.
– I blessedly got the most restful sleep I’ve had in months last night.  [My legs keep me up literally almost every night.  OTC sleeping pill is a wonder drug.]
– My 1st wedding anniversary is 18 days away.

That’s all, folks.


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