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Hubby and I are [unless something unexpected changes our plans] going to Key West October 30th-November 5th for our vacation.  Never have been to the beach in almost-winter, but I bet it’ll feel great to be soaking up the sun after a taste of cold weather.  I’d bet money that this will be another cold winter.  The weather has been so extreme lately.  It’s either scorching or freezing most of the year.

So anyway this post was basically just to express my excitement that we’re going to the beach.  🙂



I made a new blog since I forgot how to get into my old one.  :p

There’s nothing really interesting to say, so here are today’s random thoughts.

– The rain needs to stop.  I can hardly wait until sunshine comes back in 2 days.  Days of non-stop cloudiness put me in a bad mood.
– I’m tired of people soliciting where I work.  All.  The.  Time.  I’m making a sign for the door as soon as I finish this post.   I do not want your travel/car/life insurance that “competes” with AAA even though I’ve never heard of you.   I will go buy brownie mix at the store for $1 rather than buy your shrink-wrapped melted ones.  I don’t want to buy your fundraiser tickets.
– I have been drinking regular Coke this week to lift my mood and it’s been my best idea ever.
– I blessedly got the most restful sleep I’ve had in months last night.  [My legs keep me up literally almost every night.  OTC sleeping pill is a wonder drug.]
– My 1st wedding anniversary is 18 days away.

That’s all, folks.